Flawlessly executed

Deena worked with us from the very beginning of the process in preparing for our daughter’s wedding. It felt like she treated every detail as if it was her very own wedding while beautifully carrying out the desires of the bride, groom and parents.
Deena has a plan and then works her plan with grace and precision. She is both kind and determined. She was willing to have crucial conversations with our reception venue when they were not upholding their end of the contract. She never backed down from asking them the hard questions that needed answers and commitments. It was really a terrible reception venue, but you wouldn’t have known it, if you attended the reception, because Deena did an exceptional job in going way above and beyond what anyone expected of her. She has an amazing ability to juggle different personalities and different opinions and bring them to clarity in order to make the best decisions for all involved. I think she is really gifted in knowing the difference of when to speak and act or when to listen and wait. It really created an atmosphere of peace and trust.
Our daughter’s wedding was flawlessly executed. Bottom line, I couldn’t say enough great things to describe Deena Minter as our wedding consultant! Our daughter’s wedding day is a beautiful memory cherished by our family. Thank you Deena!

Testimonial by Brad and Angela Weir